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When I finally was ready to face my past and dared to dream a different future for myself, I wish I had the help I am offering women who want the exact same thing. I bet you wish you had now what you needed in your past!

These free resources can get you started right now!

Start Putting Yourself First: 5 Steps to Stop People Pleasing

Let's be honest, being a people pleaser is exhausting! Imagine being yourself, just as you are, and not feeling guilty about saying NO.

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Get Your Sh*t Together

Don't be fooled by the title! There's nothing wrong with YOU! This short 15 minute video shows 5 hacks you can use TODAY to start getting your shit together and find acceptance in who you are right now.

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Kick Your Past in the Ass

Too often, the past gets in our way. We live with so many negative emotions like regret, guilt and remorse that it holds us back. Start here with the three steps to resolving your relationship with the past and living more fully in the present.

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Three Mistakes Women Make That Hold Them Back

Discover if you are making one or more of these mistakes that may be keeping you from the joy and satisfaction you would like at this point in your life!

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Is Life Coaching for Me? A Decision Making Checklist


The decision of choosing life coaching is a life changing one that requires an investment of time, energy and resources. Use this Decision Making Checklist to see if life coaching is for you!

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