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Tell Your Story

Aug 10, 2021

I took a big step last week.

One that I didn't see coming.

One that I hadn't planned or prepared for.

You might have seen my social media post on August 5th.

In that post, I revealed a shadow that I had been hiding behind - my childhood trauma and the subsequent dysfunctional adulting that followed. I received tremendously supportive feedback from so many people and I am grateful for every word of it!

You might be wondering why I stepped out of that shadow or why the need to hide it was so powerful for so long.

One answer; five letters: SHAME.

Shame is a powerful force, as you probably know. We have all experienced it at one time or another and most likely, you are carrying some around in your life's baggage too.

But what I really want to share with you is the antidote to shame - no matter the source of that shame. I want you to experience the power of having the courage to

tell your story, share your shame, and put your shit show on display!

What you will find when you do that is empathy, compassion and support. You will find that there are so many others just like you and they will be grateful to you for shining a light on something they thought was theirs alone to carry.

At first, we shine light on shame for ourselves and then we realize that others are benefiting from our bravery and courage.

Let me be an example for you when you think that your story is

  • too ugly to tell
  • not as ugly as the other stories you've heard
  • unimportant
  • too complicated
  • your fault
  • too much for your family to handle
  • too full of emotion

Telling our story is evidence of growth. It shows us that we can trust ourselves.

That's living fully when we trust ourselves. Trusting ourselves means we

  • know what to do and when to do it.
  • will can be wrong or make a mistake, will recover from it.
  • take care of our own oxygen first so that if others need us, we are fully available for them.

So tell your story. Tell it to someone whom you trust. Write it. Sing it. Paint it. Draw it. Dance it. But tell the damn story.

I'm available to listen, or read, or watch, or sing and dance along with you!

Hack #4 in 5 Hacks to Getting Your Sh*t Together is "Trust Yourself". You can learn more by clicking here.

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