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Facing Uncertainty

Jun 30, 2021

This photograph of a sunset on Owasco Lake was taken exactly two years ago.

I was at a crossroads, and I knew it.

I was separated from my husband of 32 years, my relationships with most members of my family were in disarray and I was having near panic attacks each day around money because I had walked away from $125,000 a year with no back up plan. I was hiding from everyone.

Except me. I wasn't hiding from me.

There were moments, when I sat in silence, especially on the dock at Owasco Lake,

when I just knew the uncertainty held so much promise for me.

I'd listen to the waves flapping the shore, chasing small lake water creatures from the edges of the rocks and reassuring me that I was OK. As if each wave wrapped itself around me encouraging me to keep going even if I didn't know what was around the next corner.

Even if...

Even if...

Even if...

The life we are wanting for ourselves

with less chaos, more organization, more control over ourselves, deeper satisfaction in our relationships, living our purpose through all parts of our lives, including our career,

we can have it.

Even if...we don't know exactly what to do today.

Even if...we are doing it alone and everyone around us has doubt...and we do too sometimes.

Even've never walked this path before and you're scared shitless.

I promise you that what lies on the other side of all that shitty uncertainty, is just the beginning of what is actually meant for us.

We just have to be brave enough, trust ourselves enough, love ourselves enough...just enough today to say, I want it!

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