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Chasing Candyland

Jul 20, 2021
picture of Candyland board game

When I was in my thirties, I could check off many of the boxes that most people would consider necessary for a happy and successful life. Like so many other women, I spent most of my energy creating a loving family and establishing what I planned to be a long, lucrative career.

The childhood message I received about happiness was this: there is a designated path to follow in order to ultimately land on happiness and success. Much like the game of Candyland where there is only one path to follow. The best strategy to winning is to stay on the path, heading as quickly as possible to the next land of sweets.

Along the way, when I had opportunities to take a left turn or a right turn off the path, I chose to stay on the path to Candyland. When offered promotions to live and work in other parts of the country, I stayed on the path. When I knew that I wasn't in love with the person I married, I stayed on the path. When I realized that my career was sucking the life out of me and I was losing every single sense of myself, I tried desperately to stay on the path to Candyland.

And then I just quit.

I quit the game.

I packed up Candlyland, threw it all in the box and dropped it in the garbage.

Happiness and success are not found by chasing Candyland. I had it all wrong and I had to change course because there wasn't any Disney prince on his way to save me from my own misfortune either.

What I realized is that I had spent some of the most valuable years of my life measuring success and happiness by how my life looked from the outside and ignoring how it felt on the inside.

Chasing Candyland looked good, but it felt like sh*t.

Does that describe your life too?  Everything looks good on the outside:

  • loving family
  • great career
  • house
  • cars
  • vacations
  • clothes, jewelry, shoes
  • social media fodder

and yet, it doesn't feel the way you thought it all would when you arrived at your Candyland.

There is a pivot you can make when you're at this important place. The pivot is simple, but not easy.


Shift your perspective of success and happiness by aligning how you want it to feel on the inside with how it looks on the outside.



You might be giving me this look...I can sort of feel it! Trust me on this.

Stop chasing Candyland. Create your own destination from within and design and travel your own paths paying close attention to how all that makes you feel.

When we can begin to live our lives by how it feels instead of just how it looks, we are on our way to authentic happiness and success.

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