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Are You Suffering from Spray and Pray?

Jul 06, 2021

As a coach for teachers and administrators, one of the practices we worked to minimize, or better yet eliminate, was the "spray and pray" method of teaching.

It looks like this:

During a math lesson, the teacher introduces a new concept to the whole class and literally unloads information on the unsuspecting students expecting it to stick to as many children as possible. Get it?

We "spray" the new content and "pray" that it sticks. It doesn't work because teaching and learning is most effective when it's well planned and strategically delivered.

Just like many other things in life.

The "spray and pray" method in education doesn't work all that well. And, my friend,  "Spray and pray" in your life is a recipe for overload.

You know who you are. The overachiever, the self helper extraordinaire, the woman who has it all together....mostly, but is walking a tightrope of overload and overwhelm.

We do ALL the self help, take online courses, listen to podcasts, download guides, make to do lists, prioritize, do more of this, read more of you hear it, see it?  It's the spray and pray method in your life.

You might be asking, how do I stop the "spray and pray" method I've created in my life?


That's right: simplify.

I hear you saying, "OK Michelle. That's easy to say, but how the hell do I simplify when I'm so damn busy?"

I get it and here is what I mean when I say, simplify.

  1. Set ONE damn goal - just one. I know you're an overachiever and you want excellence in everything now, but trust me on this.
  2. Set some strategic actions - get clear and specific and be sure that those actions directly influence you achieving your goal.
  3. Quit spraying for a week - let some other shit slide down the priority list. You'll live and so will the people around you. Promise.
  4. Quit praying for the week - not literally of course, but figuratively. Instead of winging it, make that goal happen.

What you might find, is that letting up on some of the spray alone, made for less praying and less chaos.

The antidote to overwhelm and chaos in your life is a plan designed with stealth focus and executed with precision and intention.



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