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This isn't just life coaching,

it's life changing.


I teach women exhausted by dysfunction, toxicity and chaos to create change by looking inward with courage & creating powerful connections with others just like them!

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Do you wish you trusted yourself to make better decisions without feeling panic about doing the wrong thing?

Do you know that there's more out there for you - a better job, a solid relationship, having a greater impact in the world - but you have no idea how to do that?

Are you spending too much time on other people's problems - saying YES to things when you really want to say NO?

You're probably exhausted, Depleted. It doesn't have to be that way anymore.

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  • You'd love some freedom from constantly thinking about how to "fix" yourself so you have time for other things.

  • You secretly wish for a life where you put yourself first without feeling selfish.

  • Wake up with energy, drive and the discipline to get shit done and feel like you accomplished something.

  • What if you could feel in control of life by doing things that make YOU happy instead of focusing your energy on making everyone else happy?


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You want more but have no idea how to get it.

  • You are fearful of how your decisions impact your children but you know something's got to give.
  • You no longer want to deal with all of the bad things that keep happening to you and it seems like there's no way out.
  • You're sick of blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong and it's wearing you down.
  • You're tired of being on this endless hamster wheel of self help that never really improves anything.

Here’s what’s wrong: along the way, you've given up on YOU.


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"I spent years and years reading self help books and although there was a lot of information that I could relate to, I felt like I still needed more. I started working with Michelle and right away I realized what was missing. I needed someone to help me customize the suggestions to my specific situation, my specific relationship, my specific personality based on my specific past. Michelle has helped me to see things more clearly and make my relationships stronger and better for me by helping me focus on my strengths and how to make them work for me. Books are helpful but nothing can make a specific situation improve like one on one coaching. I don't know how she does it, but Michelle knows just what to say and how to say it to help you understand your past and find ways to make it work for you instead of against you. My personal relationships are turning around right in front of my eyes making my life more fulfilling and enjoyable."

Lisa B, Orlando, FL

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When you're ready to  

 learn how to create change in your life through courage and connection...

Here's how you work with Michelle:


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Next, let's talk about what you want and where you want to go.



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"4 months ago, I felt muddy. Unable to clear my head (not that I still don't have those days) or see a path forward. I was in a job that I loved but I felt overworked and the passion was waning. I wanted more, I needed more, I could see more. But my feet were stuck in the mud. Enter Michelle and her special brand of untangling and clearing the path. I started to journal (don't get excited, my journaling was more like doodling, but she said not to worry, to just do what I needed). I started to demand the truth from myself and what I wanted my life to really look like, this is the hardest thing for me. And lastly, boundaries; a day to day hour to hour thing that takes on all kinds of forms, from "I deserve that raise" to "I will not do YOUR work". I am going to start my dream job in 5 days. I still do refresher workshops, I still call her knowing I will always need tweaking because I know its okay to be a work in progress and I am worth the 'more'." 

Maureen H., Syracuse, NY

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 I teach women how to:

  • have dreams and goals they haven't accomplished yet and go after them.

  • want what's best for themselves and their families without feeling selfish.

  • protect themselves from all the drama around them and find peace.

  • find their superpowers in their past and put them to good use in their lives!

It's time for you to:

  • get up each morning excited about your life even if it's been years since you've been able to do that.

  • have a plan for your future and make it happen so you stop feeling disappointed in yourself.

  • develop the strength to walk away from things that aren't good for you and your family without guilt or drama.

  • stop obsessing about how to "fix" yourself even though you've been told that it works for other people.


You are ready for a life changing conversation today.


Let's have a conversation. Schedule a free Discovery Call

Carol M, Fayetteville, NY

"Michelle's positivity, encouragement and down to earth presentations are so easy to watch. I also like that there is nothing I need to "put out" - a very safe space."

TL, Syracuse, NY

"I want to thank Michelle from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration and focus."

Michele A, Plattsburgh, NY

"Michelle's style is warm and intelligent - I really connect to her experiences and appreciate her honesty. As women, really as people, I think we all benefit from seeing bravery in action."

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